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Garmin Products now available

We are proud to announce that we can now offer Garmin avionics products.

With the most comprehensive lineup of avionics upgrades in the industry, Garmin offers solutions for most budgets and missions. Garmin avionics solutions help provide industry-leading capabilities, increase situational awareness and enhance decision-making like never before. So, whether you’re an entrepreneur flying your own aircraft on business calls across a broad region — or a recreational pilot who uses the plane to turn weekends into family adventures — going with Garmin is the surest way to bring added confidence and efficiency to every flight you make. No matter which Garmin avionics solution you select, Garmin is committed to giving you world-class performance.

Flight Instruments

Garmin digital and mechanical indicators, electronic displays and more help pilots make better, faster, more fully informed decisions in the cockpit by clearly displaying sensor inputs and aircraft systems information. These individual display components offer reliable replacement/upgrade solutions that scale to meet your mission requirements.

Navigation & Radios

From basic two-way VHF communications to the most sophisticated GPS/Nav/Comm/MFD systems that combine moving map navigation with touchscreen data entry, integrated radio tuning, frequency lookup, weather, traffic alerting, digital autopilot interface and more — Garmin offers a full range of reliable, work-saving, feature-rich avionics solutions.

Why go with Garmin for ADS-B

For the past three decades, Garmin has steadily advanced the design and functionality of modern avionics — and we’ve played a significant role in the development of ADS-B technology. Today, we offer a comprehensive suite of ADS-B products, all designed to help you make the easiest, most affordable transition to the fast-evolving airspace environment.

Our easy-to-install solutions enable you to meet ADS-B equipage requirements with a minimum of cost, downtime and disruption to your instrument panel. Plus, every Garmin product is backed by our award-winning, top-rated product support team. Bottom line: Garmin is the company that leads the way in NextGen readiness — with more installed ADS-B solutions than any other brand in aviation.


As a 45+ year veteran of the commercial aviation/avionics industry I am looking forward to joining a long established and respected aviation company, Hillcrest Aircraft Company (HAC), as Avionics Department Manager.  HAC has been in operation since 1956 at the Lewiston-Nez Perce County Regional airport in Lewiston Idaho achieving many industry “firsts” throughout its 60+ year history.  The Avionics Department of this unique and innovative organization is well equipped and ready to provide avionics sales and service in this region.

My aviation background began as an apprentice Avionics Technician for a northern British Columbia “bush airline” that operated a wide of range of aircraft including the Douglas DC-3, Dehavilland DHC-3 Otter & DHC-2 Beaver, and Grumman G-21A Goose aircraft.  Learning the technology, skills, and commitment necessary to keep this diverse fleet operational was a challenging and rewarding introduction to the world of commercial avionics.

My career in avionics has taught me that there is always something new to learn and improvements to be made in the application and operation of electronics in aircraft.  This philosophy was instrumental in the evolution to becoming a founding partner and VP of Customer support for Northern Airborne Technology (NAT); a pioneering manufacturer of integrated Audio/ICS control and management systems for aircraft with high levels of interior ambient noise.  NAT and my subsequent venture, Island Avionics, provided a unique perspective and opportunity to successfully resolve many of the audio system integration and installation issues present in numerous rotary and fixed wing aircraft.

This next venture will allow me to focus all the experience and skills accumulated over a long and varied career toward the existing and future customers of HAC.  I am excited for the challenge and opportunities that this new venture will bring and looking forward to bringing this service back to this airport and the aviation community of this region

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